Giraffe Gaia 2023

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Gaia's Immersive Zoo of the Future Experience

Exploring Gaia's Immersive Zoo of the Future Experience


In our collaborative project with Gaia to develop the "Zoo of the Future," we have not only innovated in virtual and augmented reality but also extended our expertise to the overall event presentation. Utilizing Unreal Engine, we crafted a highly realistic virtual and augmented reality experience, enabling visitors to virtually walk amongst diverse animals in their natural habitats - from elephants and giraffes in the savannah, penguins in the polar regions, to tigers in lush forests.

These immersive technologies allow for close and personal interaction with these magnificent creatures, an experience beyond what is possible in the wild or traditional zoos.

To set the stage for this adventure, we designed an immersive room as the initial experience for visitors. This room acclimates to the virtual environment they will explore using VR headsets, ensuring a seamless transition into nature’s most captivating habitats.

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