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Celebrating 40 Years of Power and Progress: The Doel nuclear power plant Photobook

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We are proud to present the exclusive photobook we've created for Engie Electrabel, commemorating the remarkable 40-year journey of their nuclear power plant in Doel.

This meticulously crafted book spans over 100 pages, each one a testament to the plant's enduring legacy and pivotal role in the energy sector.

A Journey Through Time
Our photobook takes readers on a visual and informative journey through the history of the nuclear power plant. From its inception to its significant role in today's energy landscape, every page brings to life the plant's evolution over four decades.

Rich Visuals and Comprehensive Content
The heart of this book lies in its rich compilation of photographs, text, and illustrations. Each element has been carefully selected to offer a comprehensive view of the powerplant. The vivid photography captures the essence of Doel, while the detailed illustrations add depth to the narrative.

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