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Driving Sustainability: Campaign for Toyota Material Handling Europe's Environmental Month

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We partnered with Toyota Material Handling Europe to champion a cause that resonates with us deeply: sustainability. In a concerted effort to advance towards net-zero emissions, we crafted an internal communication campaign for Environmental Month, aimed at energizing and engaging Toyota's employees in this vital initiative.

Our Creative Approach

  • Understanding the power of compelling communication, we developed a suite of materials designed to inform, inspire, and instigate action:

  • Innovative Posters: Strategically placed throughout Toyota's offices, our posters were more than visual aids; they were catalysts for change. Designed to inspire daily environmental action, these posters encouraged Toyota employees to build positive, sustainable habits.

  • Dynamic Screen Presentations: Beyond mere presentations, these were crafted as impactful calls to action. Each slide was carefully designed to highlight practical initiatives for energy and carbon reduction, both at the workplace and at home.

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