Interactive developer

Interactive developer

We are looking for an Interactive Developer, living in Belgium, who can handle and solve technical challenges in a platform and language agnostic approach to complement our multidisciplinary team.
You must be experienced in developing Javascript based applications preferably using React and have knowledge of state libraries such as Redux. If you know a thing or two about WebGL and WebXR, even better!

Knowledge of back-end technologies is a plus. Ideally PHP with Laravel but Node and Nosql databases are most welcome. We’ll try to keep you away from back-end work but if you need something quickly you may have to get your hands dirty yourself.

What’s not included in the job is the struggle with design tools, patching up databases, or working with 3D models, we have other specialists for that. Your focus will be to integrate it all into qualitative, consumer-friendly solutions using the power of code.

Basic skills

  • Proven track record of Javascript development using modern framework(s)
  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS, or experienced with CSS toolkits like Tailwind, Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Experience with implementing APIs
  • Can develop with responsiveness in mind
  • Committed to source versioning
  • Can use and set up package managers and bundlers

Additional skills

  • WebGL and WebXR
  • NodeJS and NoSql databases
  • Back-end development using PHP
  • Theme development for CMSes
  • Experience with NodeJS


  • You can prioritize and work in a well-organized manner to reach your deadlines. Simply put, you get things done
  • You are able to self-direct, be organized, be detailed oriented and are able to set and meet deadlines
  • Ability and willingness to learn fast and pick up new things easily
  • You are able to analyze and solve programming tasks independently and pro-actively
  • You can work independently based on a briefing but must also be a team player when we need to combine forces

Our offer

  • Development jobs for a variety of customers
  • Engaged colleagues
  • Never a dull moment
  • A nice office environment, conveniently located with easy access to all main roads
  • Lots of free coffee and chocolates

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